Make Your Bow and Arrow Like a Real Cupid

Make Your Bow and Arrow Like a Real Cupid

Make Your Bow and Arrow Like a Real Cupid

Many children are attracted to swords and pistols and can sometimes get bogged down in aggressive play that can get out of hand. That is why many parents do not like such toys and do not find violence appropriate to the world of children. Yet children will see swords and pistols in many materials branches, bananas, bread. You can imagine it has already functioned as one of the two weapons here at home.

Make Your Bow and Arrow Like a Real Cupid

However, when a clothes hanger broke, I decided to make a new weapon for my kids. To distract them from the swords and pistols, although a bow and arrow is a weapon, it was originally intended to gain food and not violence. In addition, there is the symbolic value of the bow and arrow: Cupid’s tools. Handling this weapon also requires concentration and precision, very different from running around with swords and pistols. Enrichment for children attracted to weapons, your little wild man will become a sweetheart for a while with this craft.

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First, You Disassemble the Clothes Hanger

You reinforce the bow at the point where the wood is glued together. Then you drill holes at the ends of the arch. Tie a knot in the elastic after threading it through the perforations.

There should be a certain amount of tension on the elastic, but not too much; it will make shooting too difficult for a child. This is a matter of scanning. You decorate the bow with a handle. This may look rough finished. Nice and cool! You also drill a hole in the arrow.

Then you can easily turn the tip of the arrow into a soft dot that stays in place. Place the tip of the stick in a ball of wool or cotton wool. Next, pass a needle with thick, sturdy yarn through the hole and tie a knot. Insert the needle through the fabric and fold the fabric around the ball of wool or cotton wool. Twist the yarn around it a few times and tie it.

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Finish It Off by Tying a Piece of Cord Over the Yarn.

It is, of course, the most fun to find real feathers together with your child and tie them to the end of the arrow. Unfortunately, our search didn’t turn up any feathers, so we made a paper version. Cut out the same shape twice and stick it around the end of the arrow. Then make snips so that they become ‘real’ feathers.

Your Bow and Arrow Are Finished!

You can also make a target that you can hang from a tree. But our target was the tree itself. You’ll find that it takes some practice for both the kids and the parents, but that’s what makes it an educational and fun activity.

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