Hunting Set for the Quality-conscious

Hunting Set for the Quality-conscious

Hunting Set for the Quality-conscious

It is a good idea to have a solid hunting set when you go hunting. When it comes to defining a decent hunting set, several factors come into play, but it is always ideal to buy a sturdy, high-quality set as a starting point. In this article, you will get an in-depth guide to your perhaps upcoming purchase.

5-Good Choices of Hunting Sets

Hunting Set for the Quality-conscious

Let’s look at some hunting sets. Below you will find five recommendations that live up to the requirements of the quality-conscious hunter.

1. Harkila Canis Hunting Set

Harkila is a quality brand, and its products are always a fine choice. The same goes for this hunting set that gives you everything you need.

You will find it in a wide variety of sizes, which is why it should be possible to find one that suits you. The set is made with a GORE-TEX membrane, which means that it always keeps you dry – both jacket and trousers are 100% waterproof and otherwise withstand wind excellently.

With several essential features, the set is something near perfect. You will find pockets that are specially designed for the needs of hunters. Front pockets have been made especially for cartridges, so they are never hard to find. Should the weather be cold, you will also find lined hand warmers.

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2. Harkila Stealth Hunting Set

Another good hunting set from Harkila. This model is a little more pricey, but it comes with a greater level of quality. The Canis set is equipped with a GORE-TEX membrane, which makes it wind and waterproof. However, the rest of the material is a notch sharper as you have done even more to cover the most exposed areas. At the same time, it has a minimal weight that makes it super easy to go hunting in.

In terms of design, this Harkila set also stands out compared to the previous one. It has a camouflage color that fits perfectly into nature. All in all, a cannon good hunting set where there is no doubt at all about the quality!

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3. Pinewood Hunter Pro Xtreme Hunting Kit

If you wish an alternative to Harkila versions, let’s look more closely at some other brand. Pinewood Hunter Pro is a superb hunting set that especially focuses on being durable. It, therefore, lasts a long time and can stand it all a little. It is cheaper than the first two in terms of price, which is why many will probably consider buying it.

At the same time, a hat, gloves, and scarf are included. Overall, the set helps keep warm, and therefore it is a strong choice when you go out into nature during the cold months.

4. Zealand Endmoor Hunting Set

Do you want a functional, cheap, and durable hunting set? Then Seeland Endmoor is an excellent choice. For approx. DKK 1,999, you can get a superb set here that is comfortable to wear and at the same time good to wear in cold weather. Seeland Endmoor also protects 100% against wind and water, which is why it can perhaps be described as one of the best hunting sets for the price.

The clothes are so versatile that you can also use them for other things than hunting – in fact for a wide range of outdoor activities. You will find practical pockets: some for cartridges and storage items and others for warming your hands. The brown design fits anywhere in nature, and since the set is available in many different sizes, you’ll always be able to locate one that fits perfectly.

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5. Seeland Eton Hunting Kit

In the previous product, we mentioned that it was the perfect combination of quality and price. The same is true here, where another Seeland product has made a positive impression.

The design is a bit reminiscent of Endmoor, but Eton is a bit simpler. It is equipped with the same Seetex membrane, which makes both jacket and trousers waterproof, and you will also find pockets for all purposes. As with the other hunting sets, it is perfect to use when it is cold. With a detachable hood, you can optimize the jacket for the weather, and since it is also breathable, you can also use it when the sun is shining. In general, super practical hunting set that many hunters use successfully!

Buy hunting sets – you need to keep an eye on that

Here are some points to keep in mind when buying a hunting kit:

  • That it is durable
  • That it gives good freedom of movement
  • That it has a neat and straightforward design (optional)
  • That it is wind and waterproof
  • That it is highly rated by consumers

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It isn’t easy to find a hunting set that has it all, but you are usually quite well off if you find one that meets many of the requirements. Of course, the price also matters, but always remember to prioritize quality first. If you buy an excellent hunting set, the clothes can last for many years – therefore, it makes the best sense to find a quality set from the start and use it diligently.

Hopefully, you now have a little better knowledge of what to look for in a hunting set.