Hunting Bows – Varieties and Merits

Hunting Bows – Varieties and Merits

Hunting bows are better than firearms today – the popularity of hunting bows is often greater than the popularity of hunting firearms. First of all, this is because in terms of tactical and combat characteristics, throwing weapons have long surpassed hunting rifles. Secondly, you do not need permission to use a bow for entertainment with an effort of up to 27 kg, and this is quite enough to “overwhelm” a large deer, and with certain skills, even a wild boar. Thirdly, it is extremely easy to buy a bow for hunting, while you cannot order a hunting rifle on the Internet.

Bow for Hunting – Success, and Respectability

And most importantly, bowhunters are primarily young people and wealthy, respectable Russians. It is unlikely that you will meet in the forest heavily drunk men in tarpaulin boots and with hunting bows in their hands – this is more likely to refer to rifle hunters, who more often shoot at each other than at the game.

A hunter with a bow is a person who respects the traditions of hunting, which puts at the forefront of hunting not the prey, but the demonstrated skill and ingenuity, for which the Russian people are so famous. The archer is physically superbly prepared – he is a spiritually competent and holistic person, an enthusiast of his hobby, ready to spend a lot of time and money on him. Therefore, he is an experienced hunting person and a successful person in life.

Varieties of Hunting Bows

Modern technologies have allowed designers to develop and create various Bows for hunting types of bows for hunting, the features of which are an advantage for some and a disadvantage for others. Therefore, when choosing a bow for hunting, you should be guided not only by the advice of friends but also by your physical capabilities, and we want to become only your guides in this multifaceted matter.

Traditional bow: An exact copy of the weapon invented by our distant ancestors, made of traditional materials – a shaft made of wood and leather, an arrow’s plumage made of bird feathers. The traditional hunting bow is often made as a visual aid for museums and private collections. The tactical and combat characteristics of this weapon for modern hunting leave much to be desired, so you will hardly find a hunter with such a bow in the forest.

Classic bow: If you want to hunt small animals (hares, squirrels, partridges), choose a sport bow. These samples use modern materials, which greatly increases their reliability and durability, and the sighting range is much higher compared to the classics!

Compound bow: We have come to the most effective modern hunting weapon. A sophisticated block system equipped with stabilizers, vibration-dampers, sighting devices, and other “bells and whistles” make compound bows a formidable hunting weapon, with which, having the necessary hunting skills, you can go out on a moose or a bear without fear. Bow bows are easy to operate, do not need special care, are quick-firing, and effective in hunting (initial arrow flight speed from 90 m / s).

According to almost all space technologies, there are various models of compound bows – from inexpensive budget ones to expensive ones made of exclusive materials, from materials used in military aircraft. These bows’ power is incredibly high: the replaceable arms can withstand tension up to 85 kg. An arrow shot out of such a bow pierces an adult deer at a distance of 60 meters!

What Type of Bow Is the Most Effective for Hunting?

Recurve bow: This is a sportier model with a unique curvature of the shoulders, which gives the bow high energy relatively small. In comparison with a straight bow, when the bowstring is pulled, the recurve bow arcs are bent in the opposite direction to their natural bend.

When unbending, they make two movements, thus almost doubling the initial speed of the arrow. Recurve bows are lightweight and reliable weapons, often collapsible – in three parts (upper and lower bows and a handle). Arcs are made of composite materials, fiberglass or carbon, the handle is made of wood or light alloys.

The pulling force reaches 30 kg / s, and the high initial flight speed of the arrow contributes to accurate and accurate shooting, thereby providing great destructive power; the block hunting bow is an extremely complex and, therefore labor-consuming item in production, For the creation of Bows for hunting which, not only state-of-the-art technologies are needed, but also materials.

A compound bow (compound) is often more powerful than a recursive one – the arrow’s flight speed and lethal force are much higher; it is also more effective. The probability of a miss from a high-quality compound is determined not by its tactical and combat parameters but by the archer’s skill – the bow, in this case, is relatively flawless.

The high combat characteristics of the compound are determined by its special device. In this case, not only the elasticity of the shoulders plays on the initial flight speed of the arrow, but especially the system of roller blocks placed at their ends and interconnected by special cables.

The eccentrics are perfectly balanced and ensure the well-coordinated operation of the entire mechanism. The block system’s secret is that you do not need to exert effort to pull the bowstring, which allows you to aim slowly and, using the aiming device, to make a quick, accurate, and powerful shot. As we understand it, the compound block system is especially good for beautiful Amazons.

Which compound bow brand should you choose?

BEAR Archery: Powerful and reliable models of compound bows, which have gained immense popularity among hunters and harpoon anglers in Russia. The bows are made from quality materials, using state-of-the-art technology. The most famous models are Bear Method, Empire, Legion, Apprentice 2, Anarchy, Domain, Encounter. Bear Motive bow – recognized as one of the best in its class. The Agenda, Finesse, and Rumor series flagships are characterized by high precision and exceptional power.

HOYT: The unsurpassed quality and excellent tactical and combat characteristics of the HOYT brand fully justify the high price of some models of these compounds. But in the HOYT lineup, there are also quite affordable models for novice hunters – the HOYT Pro Hawk and HOYT Ruckus compound bows. HOYT offers the perfect compounds for experienced hunters and fur traders – the powerful and reliable Spyder Turbo, Carbon Matrix G3, Carbon Element G3, Charger Long Draw. HOYT engineers have developed lightweight compound bows for beautiful Amazons and teenagers – the Spyder 30 and Spyder 34.

Russian company INTERLOPER: the flagship of the Archery-market in Russia and the CIS. The INTERLOPER brand produces high-quality, extremely reliable, durable, and inexpensive compound bows (and crossbows) of the latest generation. INTERLOPER offers composite materials and ultra-light alloys, with various tensile forces and a boom range of over 100 m / s.

INTERLOPER compound bows Assassin, Beast, Hawk, and Condor are distinguished by their special reliability, simplicity, and lightweight design. If you decide to hunt your main hobby or profession but are somewhat constrained in funds, compound bows from INTERLOPER are the best solution to this problem! INTERLOPER’s modern design and especially its high accuracy have long become a proverb among Russian hunters.

In parallel, the INTERLOPER company organized the production of exclusive weapons of author’s workpiece models of bows and crossbows for individual orders, made of precious woods, inlaid with carved bones of rare animals (mammoth, shark and killer whale teeth, walrus, and sperm whale, etc.) Many products of the INTERLOPER brand decorate weapon collections of the first persons of the state.


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