Audible: better listening with iPhone and Apple CarPlay

Audible: better listening with iPhone and Apple CarPlay

Audible is a provider of spoken audio content. The market for podcasts, audio books and radio plays is booming and new providers are pushing their way onto the market. The first place for the Amazon subsidiary Audible remains unchallenged. Why? What can Audible do that others can’t – and which functions make the Audible app the market leader?

The Audible offering

Audible has a huge selection of audio books, radio plays, and podcasts. Exciting series and radio plays produced especially for the platform, exclusive unabridged book versions, a multilingual offering and user-friendly handling secure the top position in comparison.

The authors of the bestseller lists are already writing short episodes especially for Audible and banishing their fans to their headphones. In contrast to other providers, however, it is not only the extensive range that is decisive: The steadily growing number of functions and tools that make Audible a convenient companion in all situations.

Optimized for iPhone, iPad and Apple CarPlay

You can use Audible with ease on your iPhone and iPad. Vehicles that support Apple CarPlay  have direct access to the entire range. Audible has created a special user interface for use in the vehicle that enables the basic functions without endangering road traffic with too much display work.

In the case of calls or incoming messages, the playback flow pauses briefly, in vehicle mode it resets 10 seconds when the device is switched on again. There is no need to restart after a call, it just continues.

Audible can be played both online and offline – and if you initiate a download, you don’t have to wait for it to end to start listening. This function means that the listener is independent of the connection, which is particularly advantageous when traveling or walking.

Pay and give away

Giving away an audio book is a nice virtual gesture. Audible makes it easy for the “giver” and does not require the recipient to fully register in order to use the gift. If you already have an Amazon account, you can use that account to make purchases at Audible, but this is not a requirement for using the app.

The exclusive podcasts are even free of charge for subscribers and automatically download the new episodes. With a simple subscription, customers can collect credits and use them as they wish. Compared to other providers, the audiobooks are significantly more cost-effective, the subscription makes sense for frequent listeners, but not an obligation.

Other functions of the Audible app: chapters, bookmarks, alarm clock

With Audible it is no problem to listen to several audio books at the same time. In the clearly arranged library, which is equipped with many filter functions, you can access your books without restriction, set bookmarks or jump to specific chapters. The “trophy collection” for listening progress in the app is a nice gimmick, but has no real advantage over other providers.

A sleep function and the option of waking up with a podcast or radio play are just small candies in the wide range of tools. The connections to the social networks are a matter of course – and ensure that friends meet in different places to listen together – under hashtags such as “Going for a walk with Audible”.


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